“First Blog Post”

What better way to start a nutrition blog than with a post about my nutrition approach? Think of this as an extension of my food philosophy. That might be a good place to start. As I mentioned there, nutrition has gotten to be WAY too complicated. Eating should be easy, fun, and simple.

Now, don’t take “easy” and “simple” to mean it should not be a priority. Quite the opposite. Food, along with water, is a basic, physiological need. If we are not paying attention to these basic needs, how can we ever expect to accomplish our goals in life? All too often I see patients (I work in a doctor’s office – to me, clients are forever “patients”) who prioritize everything before eating. And I don’t just mean eating “healthy”, but they skip breakfast, and then lunch, and, as expected, are starving when it comes to dinner and over-eat. It’s easy to say “listen to your hunger cues”, but if you ignore them all morning, who is to say they are even working properly? It takes A LOT of energy to keep our bodies going all day! If we don’t put gas in our car, it doesn’t go. Similarly, we cannot be expected to be a top performer if we are not fueling ourselves adequately.

This is the area I like to focus on, rather than arguing over what diet is “best”. If you are not making eating a priority, what does it matter, anyway?

I believe that nutrition is an individual choice, and there is no perfect diet for everyone. Some people do well with a lower-carb, “paleo”-style diet, while others thrive on a vegetarian pattern. Personal beliefs, culture, social norms, environment, health status, and stage of life all influence an individual’s food choice. If someone grew up eating starch-heavy meals, then following a diet that eliminates rice and beans is not going to be a sustainable choice. If you love cheese, a vegan diet is probably not going to be an enjoyable way to eat. And that is okay. If you are struggling to find a sustainable way of eating, I encourage you to seek out a registered dietitian who can work with your lifestyle and food preferences to develop a realistic eating pattern.

To change gears a bit, I also really like research. So you will may find some discussion around recent (or old) publications as well as their implications. Nutrition research, or, rather, the media that takes it and runs with it, seems to be the root cause of this science-public disconnect. My goal is to help put this in perspective and ask the right questions.

Other topics I might discuss include sports nutrition (particularly running nutrition), diets and why I hate them, common misconceptions, and any personal posts I feel like sharing.

My philosophy in 1 sentence?

Relax and eat more vegetables.

If you have a concern or question you think I should address, please feel free to shoot me an email! I would love to hear from you. Thank you for reading!

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